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Key specs

400 KG
  • Mead steel


The entrance gate to a property serves as more than just a barrier; it is the first impression visitors get of your space. Whether it’s for a home, a business, or an estate, the design of your entrance gate is crucial in setting the tone and showcasing your style. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various aspects of entrance gate design, from materials and styles to functionality and aesthetics, ensuring your gate not only stands as a strong security feature but also enhances your property’s Overall look.

“Transform your home’s entrance into a masterpiece of modern elegance with our vertical louvers iron sliding gate—a seamless blend of strength, style, and sophistication.”

Why Choose This Entrance Gate Design?

  • Security: A well-designed gate provides a robust barrier against unauthorized access, enhancing the safety of the occupants and the property.
  • Aesthetics: This Simple Gate design can significantly influence the overall look of the property, adding to its beauty and charm.
  • Value Addition: A stylish and functional gate can increase the property’s market value, making it a wise investment.
  • First Impressions: The gate is often the first thing visitors notice. A well-designed gate leaves a lasting impression and sets a welcoming tone.

Main Gate Dimensions and Frame

This Sliding gate is designed with dimensions of 12.5 feet in width and 6 feet in height. This makes it substantial enough to create a grand entrance yet perfectly proportioned to fit most residential spaces.

For the main frame, we use a sturdy 3×3 inch square pipe. This strong foundation ensures the gate’s durability and stability, providing you with long-lasting security and elegance.

Sleek Vertical Louvers Design

The standout feature of this gate is the vertical louvers made from 5×1 inch rectangular pipes. The vertical louvers create a rhythmic visual pattern that adds to the gate’s modern aesthetic. They provide a clean and sophisticated appearance, making your entrance look effortlessly elegant and welcoming.

Entrance Wicket Gate Details

To complement the main gate, we’ve included a wicket gate with a height of 6 feet and a width of 4.20 feet. This smaller gate is perfect for pedestrian access without needing to open the entire sliding gate.

We follow the same vertical louvers design for the wicket gate, maintaining a consistent and cohesive look. A large gate handle is also added for ease of use and enhanced visual appeal.

Perfect Finish for Modern Homes

The entire gate is painted in a neutral, light-colored matte finish. This subtle yet refined finish complements modern architectural styles and seamlessly blends with the overall look of your home. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate understated elegance.

Sliding Gate with Gate Operator

High-Quality Gate Hardware

To ensure smooth and reliable operation, we use top-quality hardware:

  • 20mm Stainless Steel Track: Provides a robust and durable path for the gate’s movement.
  • 20mm Double Bearing Gate Wheels: These wheels ensure the gate slides effortlessly and quietly.
  • 1.5 Inch Teflon Roller: Adds additional support and stability to the gate’s structure.

These components are carefully chosen to deliver a seamless and efficient sliding experience every time.

Advanced Gate Automation

For those who value convenience and cutting-edge technology, we equip our gate with a high-speed, Italian-made gate operator. This powerful operator can handle gates up to 800kg with ease, powered by DC for efficient performance.

With this automation, you get the perfect blend of security, convenience, and modern functionality.


Dimension Width: 12.5' Height: 6'
Depth: 3"
Gate Weight 400 KG (Approx.)
Gate Material Milled steal Milled steal
Gate Wheels Stainless Steel 20mm Double bearing Sliding Gate Wheels
Support Roller 1.25" Teflon Rollers
Bottom Rail Stainless Steel 20mm O Profile Bottom Track
Automation DC/AC Power High Speed Gate Operator With 1000KG Capacity
Colour Mate Finish Grey

Cost Breakdown for Main Entrance Gate Design (Estimated)

  •  Gate Fabrication cost :- ₹ 70000
  • Gate Paint and Primer :- ₹ 35000
  • Gate Hardware:- ₹ 25000
  • Gate Automation:- ₹ 115000
  • Other Accessories  :- ₹ —

Our iron sliding gate with vertical louvers is more than just a gate—it’s a statement piece that adds style and sophistication to your home. With its strong frame, sleek design, high-quality hardware, and advanced automation, it’s designed to meet the needs of modern homeowners who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality.

Ready to enhance your home’s entrance with this beautiful gate?

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