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Key specs (Latest Swing Gate )

500 KG
  • Mild Steel

I am back with another exciting new swing gate design! This latest creation showcases the perfect blend of a sleek Metallic Black color, making it a visually stunning addition to any property. The gate stands tall with a height of 7 feet and spans a generous width of 17 feet for both leafs, providing an impressive entrance.

Open the gateway to a world of contemporary living, where technology and aesthetics unite to create a truly remarkable entrance.

To ensure strength and durability, we have utilized high-quality materials for the frame. The frame is constructed using 75×40 mm rectangular pipes, providing a sturdy foundation for the gate. For the inner pipes, we have employed 50×25 mm pipes, which not only contribute to the gate’s structural integrity but also add to its aesthetic appeal.

The end result is a gate that exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect fit for luxurious homes and villas. This design is bound to enhance the overall appearance of any property, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

As for convenience and modernization, we have incorporated an underground swing gate motor for automation. This motor ensures smooth and quiet operation, making the gate effortless to open and close with just a push of a button.


Dimension Width: 204" Height: 85"
Depth: 2"
Gate Weight Both Leaf 500KG (Approx.)
Gate Material Mild Steel Rectangular Pipe
Gate Hinges Bearing Hinges
Swing Gate Lock Automatic Lock
Opening Outward Opening
Automation DC/AC Power Underground Swing Gate Operator With 600KG Capacity
Colour Metallic Black Only

Latest Gate Design For

  • luxurious House
  • Villas

With this new swing gate design, we are confident in delivering both functionality and style, meeting the needs of our discerning clients who seek nothing but the best. We look forward to bringing this exceptional gate design to life and enhancing the grandeur of your property.

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